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MARCH 2020 – NOVEMBER 2022: Wildflowers & wildlife colour ashen landscapes.


When savage fires ignited KI in the summer of 2020, wiping out tens of thousands of kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, dunnarts, pygmy possums & other native animals, many more were left homeless. 


Between the fires & the pandemic I spent a week documenting the destruction & loss, but also the rejuvenation as new leaves & new life bloomed on blackened mallee, schrubs & tree trunks.

Alongside, rising from the ashes, are the Phoenix blooms of pink, lime, lemon leaf – an image of hope & renewal.

Two years later I return.  Flowers blossom among the ash; trees  stretch bare burnt arms to the sky, waist high in frocks of new foliage, wildlife on the brink of extinction rebounds

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