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Rainforests are the Earth's lungs.  Without them we cannot breathe.  Over Easter 2017 I was privileged to join around 100 photographers, painters, poets, singers and songwriters in the Tasmanian wilderness.  Tarkine in Motion crowdfunded by the Bob Brown Foundation is an art based project to have the Takayna returned to its original owners and recognised as a National Park, World Heritage Area - not felled.

"There’s more than 100 big blocks set to be cleared, felled by Forestry Tasmania. The Hodgman Government is passing legislation to allow a 100 thousand hectares more of the Tarkine to be logged.  90% of the Tarkine is under mining leases.  It’s an appalling set of circumstances which needs to be managed into the future so people like us 1000 years from now can enjoy this place "

- Bob Brown


TAKAYNA group art exhibition: Long Gallery, Hobart,

Salamanca Place
Hobart 7000
Tasmania, Australia

February 14-28, 2018

Opening Feb 16th

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