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Kangaroo Island
After the fires
Hand painted photography, acrylics & charcoal on cotton rag
Greg Combet, AO
GalleryEast, 21 Burnie St, Clovelly, Sydney,
March 3, 6-8PM
Gadigal Smoking Ceremony
March 3-13, Thurs-Sun, 11am-6pm


Climate crisis, March, 2020: Between fire & pandemic I stand among the ashes of Kangaroo Island.

When the inferno savaged half the island around two million kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, pygmy possums, goannas & endangered dunnarts perished.  Others injured & traumatised lost their homes & habitat.

I followed one bewildered roo amidst the ruins of a resort & returned him on canvas to the charred remains of his home & habitat.  He leads us across the island from the sand dunes to the malee & beyond.


Amidst the devastation, at the base of charred tree stumps, lime,lemon, peach & pink leaf bloom. These I gather with my camera, upend and arrange in vases - images of hope & renewal

Upside down, but still rooted in the ground, the flora arrangements alternatively relax and tease the eye, creating retinal art.  An unstill life.


Smoke engulfed us all.  We were struck by images of flames, death & destruction on all media.  We wore masks pre-Covid.  My grandchildren Rothko & Lola depict the raw emotion & colours that haunted our dreams

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