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Wading into the political debate of climate change on Sydney’s eastern beaches In this exhibition I set out to capture raw images of rising oceans swallowing local haunts.

Peak tides give a glimpse of future sea levels. The drama is unfolding every month. Before long it’ll be every week.

Opening the show is former local member of parlialment, arts and environment minister, now Midnight Oil lead singer and world renowned environmental warrior Peter Garrett.

"Climate change is not ‘crap’. Our coast is a really precious asset and seeing what impact it is having in our backyard is really important information for the community as we plan for the future,” said Garrett.

Climate change was pushed under the carpet during the election,. Then there was talk of a double dissolution. But it is our coast that sees dissolution.

These images are a narrative. But the work goes beyond straight photojournalism. Shot raw, each image is processed in the digital dark room pushing the boundaries of clarity and luminous to create soft water colours.

Into each landscape a lone figure ventures against the tides.

IMAGE: TRILOGY - Wall Wave Woman, GalleryEast, Clovelly, October, 2013

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