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The Drowning Bay

“Successful art not only stimulates our senses, it changes the way we think about the world around us.”

This is how award winning photographer Greg Weight introduced my latest show held in association with the HeadOn photo festival at GalleryEast.

“In The Drowning Bay we are reminded of the beauty and the terror of nature let loose. Zoe has her story and she has the visual language to tell it. Each one of the works in this exhibition speaks of the big picture eloquently and poetically with beauty and drama, and each picture exists as an artwork in its own right.

“The waves crashing over the sea wall down the road at Clovelly are simply beautiful images. Like the famous Hokusai wave, every drop of water is frozen, like delicate lace against a stormy sky. They are a metaphor for all that is fragile in the face of fury. They are visual statements and can be interpreted differently whenever we look at them.

Each image in this tight body of work speaks on many levels. That’s the x factor that elevates this exhibition to a singular artistic statement consisting of several parts.”

Thanks for the honour Greg and all who came to celebrate the show on the opening night or during the two week long exhibition - art lovers, academics, climate scientists, politicians past and present, friends, family and local community. For anyone who couldn’t come along check out the HeadOn online gallery

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